Guaranteed Pass Driving Course

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Guaranteed pass driving courses & guaranteed pass driving lessons.

Do you want unlimited driving lessons until you pass?

Then a fast track driving course is what you need.

Crash course driving test guaranteed pass giving the assurance of 5 driving and theory tests

Ensure your driving test result is a possitive success!

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Pass Guarantee Driving School


LE11 & LE12 Guaranteed Pass


Guaranteed Pass Leicester


Pass Guarantee Hinckley


Pass Guarantee Melton

We stake our reputation to give this pass guarantee.


Why? We are sure of the service we provide, we know what it takes.

Price: 45 hours: Deopsit UNDER REVIEW balance Total: PRICE UPDATE

Price: 55 hours: Deposit UNDER REVIEW balance: PRICE UPDATE

Top Guaranteed Pass Driving Course

You will have up to fifty-five hours of driver training.

You will also get up to three attempts at the driving test stage.

Guaranteed Pass Driving Course includes UK Theory Test Taining for a quick pass.

Sure pass driving test

Pass Assurance Offer

Best quality driving instructors

Top rated driving schools

Must pass driving test phiosophy

jon matthews guaranteed pass

Fifty-Five Hour Course

3 months completion time

2 Theory Tests assured.

3 Driving Tests guaranteed.

guaanteed pass

45 Hour Guaranteed Pass

3 weeks driver training

1 guaranteed driving test

Theory Test not included

zero fault driving test

Guaranteed Pass Driving Lessons Leicester

Go for a driving test with the assurance of a driving test pass outcome.

How Many Driving Tests Will I get?

2 Theory Tests assured (55 Hour Courses ONLY).

3 Driving Tests guaranteed (55 Hour Courses ONLY).

How Long Does It Take To Pass?

Please leave at least 3 weeks for the 45 hour guaranteed pass course

You may need up to 10 - 12 weeks for the 55 hour guaranteed pass driving course

Jon Matthews Driving School

Are you ready to get things rolling? Buy 45 Hour Course for a two week driver training programme.

How To Get Started

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Driving Test Car Hire

Includes car hire for driving test.

Subject to your instructor's approval.