What is an intensive driving Course?

Are Driving Crash Courses The Same?

Learner drivers, like the rest of society want things done, fast; like yesterday.

Well, some driving instructors can help novice drivers realise their dream of learning to drive pretty quickly with a driving crash course.

What Then Is a Driving Crash Course?

An intensive driving course, fast track course, driving crash course, is any set of driving lessons designed to be taken for longer durations, at a higher frequency. For example, in a week or two.

Most driving crash courses have a driving test attached at the end. Some driving schools even offer a re-test, if the first test does not as planned.

If you think that is radical, some driving schools offer a Pass Guarantee. Now who wouldn't like an assured pass?

NOTE: You need to have a Theory Test Pass Certificate before you can do any of the courses on this page.

If you haven't passed, or need more information about our Driving Theory Test Course,

One Week Courses

For example, learner drivers can start learning to drive on a Monday, and complete the entire course by the Friday of that same week.

Of course, this is not true for all learner drivers. Peopl with prior lerner-driving experience can do this. But with a longer duration of up to two weeks, complete novice drivers can achieve the exact same result.

How Does It Work?

Completing an intensive course can be achieved in 5 simple steps ...

  1. You pay initial deposit, (licence number required).
  2. Driving school looks for a course & instructor.
  3. You confirm dates, times of course, including test.
  4. You pay balance on the day you start the course.
  5. You Pass Your Drivng Test, or have a re-test, (depends on option chosen).

Choosing A Qucik Pass Course

If you already know which driving crash course matches your need, you may go ahead and book below.

If you want more information on intensive driving courses, please read on.

Driving Crash Course Providers

Fast Pass Tests In Leicester

There is a myriad of intentsive driving course providers in Leicestershire, and Leicester in particular.

Jon Matthews Driving School offrs intensive driving crash courses in Leicester, Loughborough, Hinkley, Shepshed, Melton Mowbray, & Market Harborough. Depending on availability of instructors, Jon Matthews Driving School can deliver fast pass tuition in Manual as well as automatic cars.

Can My Parents Teach Me Like This?

Parents CAN teach Driving

But do your parents have three (3) to five (5) hours per day?

And would you have the stamina to meet the high expectations from your parents? That's what you really should be asking.

That's where a professional driving instructor can help smoothen the progress, and manage the roughness..

Quite often, an ADI would be able to cover up to more ground and subject matter with better understanding in triple time..

In other words, if it takes your parents 3 hours to teach you a subject matter, it might take an approved driving instructor only one hour, and with far less stress.

Jon Matthews Driving Instructors In Your Area

Call us to find out about professional driving instructors near you. Who knows, we just might have the availability.

Pros & Cons of Crash Courses

Like most things in life, there are merits & demerits of starting an intensive driving course. Here are some of them.


You learn faster, pass quicker, in say 1 to 3 weeks

Tuition insurance included in course

Learners forget less.

Since learners remember more, it can turn out cheaper.


You need time-off work, or studies.

Huge starting costs

It can be tideous.

Requires huge amount of concentration.

When Will I Get My Driving Licence?

What Happens Afterwards

You will be issyued with a Pass Certificate.

Immediately after your crash course test, the driving test examiner will take your provisional licence for processing.

You can opt to do it yourself, but this definitely takes longer.

Do you want to know when the new full licence will arrive?

New Full Licence Arrives Between 1 and 2 Weeks

After youur driving test, your full UK driving licence should normally arrive within 7 days. Your driving test examiner will inform you of this.

If for reasons of delay, you have not received your full driving licence within three weeks, you should call the number on the back of your Pass Certificate for update.

When Can I Starrt Driving after a crash course?

After you have successfully passed your intensive driving course, you can start driving straight away, so long as your vehicle is road worthy, and insured.

You do not need to wait to receive the actual driving licence.


Your Experience Matters! If you are sure of your driving experience and feel conofident to choose a course, you can pay using the grey box below.

If you still need further help deciding which package to choose, please read on.

For the full details of each of these couses, please see the crash course packages

Car Insurance for New Drivers

It is illegal to drive withour car insurance!

NOTE! You may be liable to unlimited fine if convicted of driving without at least 3rd party insurance.

NOTE! You could be disqualified from driving, if you have no insurance cover, even in your own car.

So as you can see, insurance is not option. Car insurance is a must, even for lerner drivers!

Information for New Drivers

Your full UK driving Licence is a probationary licence.

You will loose the said licence if you have 6 penalty points, plus actual fines.

You will then have to re-sit the Theory Test, and then the driving test again.

Further Learning & Pass Plus

New drivers are twice as likely to be involed in a vehicular collision.

Even though your learning to drive may not have happened on a motorway, you are now allowed to drive on high speed motorways. So if you are feeling uncomfortable, you should look into having motorway tuition.

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is on offer from some approved driving instructors.

With Pass Plus, newly qualified drivers can boost driving confidence, night time driving, and more.

Defensive Driving

ROSPA, and IAM offer advanced driving courses to help improve basic mastery of driving in all roads and traffic conditions.

Summary of Crash Courses

Now you know what it takes to do an intensive driving course. We hope this article has been helpful to you in considering a driving crash course.

Meanwhile, we may need your help ...


To show your appreciation, if you may, we ask for a small donation.

If you have already done your course, we would still like you to help with our general running of this illustrious driving school.