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Do you think you only need a few hours to polish up your driving skills? Would a refresher driving lessons help you achieve that goal?

Driving Refresher Course

Failed you driving test recently? Would a driving refresher course do the trick to help you pass you test?

Have you passed your driving test, but have not driven in a while? Then a refresher driving lessons programme will do the trick

Meanwhile, do you know of anyone who might be interested with an intensive driving course?

Think about the reason(s) you might have failed the said driving test(s).

Failed your driving test becaus eof nerves, or some slight error of judgement? Did your driving Test Examiner help you control the car before you could?

Have you just come off a driving test ban and need to take another driving test? Are you ready to get back on the road again?

Cheap Refresher Driving Lessons Leicester

Driving Lessons Video: Turning Right

Learn how to drive online. Take a look at how to turn right on most roads.

Learner drivers in Leicester can now buy Refresher driving lessons online, now available at Jon Matthews Driving School.

Move off only when it is safe to do so. Code 159, p53 Highway Code; [Revised 2007 Edition]

Driving Refresher Course Leicester

Refresher Driving Courses now available for Learner Drivers at Jon Matthews Driving School. Highly recommended. for learner drivers who have had previous unsuccessful attempts at Driving Test.Who? What? Where? How Much?

Jon Matthews Driving school is offering refresher driving lessons in Leicester, Loughborough and Hinckley, and surrounding towns and villages.

Price: £21.75 per hour. (Previous driving test must be no longer than 3 calendar months). (Delivered in 90 or 120 minute blocks)

Availability: Always Ready to Help: Call 0844 811 43 83 (Jon Matthews Driving School): Subject to driving instructor diary. Please leave room for flexibility.

Driving Test Centre Areas Covered by Jon Matthews Driving School:

Leicester | Syston & Loughborough | Hinckley & Blaby |

Some of our previous passes are Kirsty, (Leicester);Atti, (Hinckley);Emma, (Loughborough).

Highly Recommended. Friendly. Professional Driving School. {Review by Atthm, June 27 2012}

The lessons were great value and I loved the fact they are all 90-120 minutes long as you really settle into the car and feel comfortable. The online payment system is a massive bonus as it means I did not have to carry lots of cash around to lessons.

How to Pay for Refresher Driving Lessons

2 driving lessons: £46.00

2.5 driving lessons: £57.50

3 driving lessons: £69.00

3.5 driving lessons: £80.50

4 driving lessons: £87.00

4.5 driving lessons: £103.50

5 driving lessons: £115.00

5.5 driving lessons: £126.50

6 driving lessons: £138.00

1.5 hours, (£34.50) please click → cheap driving lessons

NUS Discount Price List

University students pay £21.50/ph, (£32.25 minimum payment) please choose from list →


Meanwhile, you can book driving lessons online

Refresher driving lessons in Leicester, Hinckley & Loughborough

Jon Matthews Driving School

We are a professional driving school with approved and registered driving instructors, geared towards helping you pass your driving test.

Comparatively, Jon Matthews Driving School offers better than most deal for inexpensive refresher driving lessons in Loughborough, Leicester, or Hinckley.

Where is Jon Matthews Driving School?

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