Driving Theory Test UK

Disclaimer: You ought to book your UK Driving Driving Theory test yourself.

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency is responsible for ensuring all UK drivers are safe, and that their vehicles are road worthy, not to mention, legal. As a result, a certain degree of knowledge, and skills are required to get a Full UK Driving Licence.


Jon Matthews Driving School is offering theory test training on how to pass the DVSA Theory Test, especially for a quick pass.

If you have made an attempt to pass the test, but are struggling with either the Hazard Perception, or Multiple Choice sections, give us a call.

Practice Theory Test Online

There is an explosion of Mobile Phone Apps geared towards helping learner drivers understand how to drive, at least theoretically.

Sample Theory Test Questions

Theory Test Paper 1

Theory Test Paper 2

Theory Test Paper 3

Theory Test Paper 4

Theory Test Paper 5

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Hazard Perception Training

The driving theory test hazard perception is the section of the driving theory test following the multiple-choice section.

As part of your theory test, you will be required to watch 14 video clips in where you need to identify 15 developing hazards.

Each CGI video clip will give you the opportunity to get 5 points, in descending order.

"1" is the lowest mark to attain, or none/zero. However, one video clips has two developing hazards so 10 points.

Hazard Perception Practice Videos

The whole idea of Hazard Perception is about risk management.

Learner Drivers need a thorough understanding of potential hazards as they develop throughout the course of any drive.

Jon Matthews Driving School is there for would be drivers come to that understanding sooner, cheaper, safer.

Learn how to better understand other road users' intentions, actions, and reactions as everyone navigates around UK roads.

Book Driving Theory Test

We can help book your theory test, however, do remember that you can do this yourself.

You will need to meet the cost of the Theory Test. For that, we charge you £30.00. Our chrge does includes a small admin fee.

Theory Test With Tuition

We can also book, and help you prepare for theory test with some practice sessions to help you pass the test.

NOTE: We will need your driving licence number to enable us book your theory test on your behalf, including payment for boooking theiry test.

What will participants gain?

  • How to Read Theory Questions
  • Analyse the Questions
  • Sifting through the Multiple choice answers
  • Eliminating DUD answers
  • Spotting red herrings
  • Making the Right Choice, or Choices
  • How Much is Theory Test Training

    If you took out a Theory Test Course cost £85.00 for up to 210 minutes and Theory Test fee. That equates to 3.5 hours of tuition on how to pass Theory Tests.

    If you want to proceed, plese click → book theory test online

    FAQ: 'What Is Drving Theory Test Pass Mark'

    The pass mark for the UK Driving Theory Test is 43/50, or 83%. You must answer 43 questions correctly to pass the multiple choice theory test questions. Note, however, that you still need to pass the Hazard Perception as well.

    FAQ: 'What is Pass Mark for Hazard Perception Test'

    The Hazard Perception Test Pass Mark is 44 out of 75. There are 15 hazard that need to be identified in 14 different video clips.

    This means each video clip will have one developing hazard, except 1 which has 2 developing hazards.

    Theory Test & Crash Course

    FAQ: 'Can I do Theory Test after driving test?'

    Unfortunately, no.

    You must pass your theory test before you are able to book a practical driving test.

    NOTE: Paying for Theory Test is not the same as actually booking it.

    While you may be able to pay for theory & driving tests upfront, (other driving schools actually mean book), you do need to pass theory test first. If you choose an all inclusive driving course, we need to wait until you've passed your Theory Test before we can booking practical test.

    The DVSA computer system is setup to control how tests are actually booked.

    Our best advice is that you are fully aware of the choices, so you can make an informed choice.