Traffic Signs Confuse Learner Drivers

Poor Traffic Signs Leicester

Poor Traffic Signs

Learner Drivers have never had it so tough during driving lessons in Leicester.

Learning to drive is already very stressful. But what do you do when those efforts are being undermined by unhelpful traffic signs, it could lead to points on the learner driver’s licence, fines and undue headache.

At the junction of Fosse Road North and Battenberg Road in Leicester, LE3, there is a speed limit of 20 MPH and another disparaging one saying motorist can do 30 MPH. So what is the poor learner driver to do? What if this was a driving test? What chance has the learner driver got?

Add this to the recent bad weather we’ve had in January, it’s just one more disaster waiting to happen. When one thinks about it, a learner driver would always benefit from a Pass Plus registered driving instructor. Is your driving instructor Pass Plus Registered? Ask today, demand the best from your driving instructor.

Poor Traffic Signs Solution

Have you seen any similar traffic sign in your neighbourhood that you would like your local council to redesign? The suggest to us here. Post your comments below. And if you have pictures, don’t go picture shy..Post them too. We want to see/read about poor traffic driving conditions so we could all be aware of them.


Have you thought of Intensive Driving Lessons? Is it worth the stress of cramming so many hours into a one, two, or three week period? If however, you need regular weekly driving lessons in Leicester, consider Jon Matthews Driving School.


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