New Driver on Leicester Roads

We often hear of learner drivers on Leicester roads clogging up the traffic. Is it worth the while taking driving lessons on Leicester roads, or should we use private lands before venturing out?

Pass Plus Driving Lessons

Pass Plus Lessons

So someone has passed his driving test! One can say congratulations are in order. But its been a long journey. Having had weekend driving lessons, the idea of a weekday driving test was sort of daunting. But when work, school, or childcare make it restrictive, finding a driving instructor that suite your lifestyle can sometimes be a challenge.

For some, they can only take driving tuition at night. One the other side of the same spectrum, some would not consider driving at night. Well, in life, after a successful driving test, we all have to drive at different times of the day, and in some bizarre driving situations. For example, I was driving on the motorway at 60 miles per hour this week. Traffic was heavy and the gantry adviced the speed. However, a van driver overtook me on the right only to start cutting in front even before there was hardly a metre between his van and my tuition car.

What if he had cause to start braking at that speed? What chance did I have from hitting him? Even as a driving instructor, I promise you this, none!

As if that was not enough he did the same to the goods lorry on the left. The lorry too had to take defensive measures avoid a collision. The van driver did not drive as if he was new at it, but if I was a new driver who may not have ventured onto such chaotic situation, it might have been the last for me.

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