Learn to Drive Your First Car with Confidence


A Learner Driver’s first car is an important acquisition; it kind of stays embedded in their lives and is readily available to recall, even at later life. Some people acquire their first car before obtaining their driving licence or before having enough driving lessons. In driving schools in Leicester, important institutions for prospective drivers, people can smoothly and efficiently go through all the intricacies of the car and the driving process.



Driving Stories

Driving Stories

In driving schools in Leicester, like Jon Matthews Driving School, the tuition of each learner is a process which is undertaken professionally by means of individual teaching, explaining the theoretical essentials and answering all questions that arise. Then the driving tuition starts. Driving lessons are scheduled in conformity with the needs of each learner and the time during which learners have at their disposal outside work or university. The lessons start with the explanation of the controls, how they operate, how the mirrors should be adjusted to provide unobstructed views of the road and help the driver to react.

People who have just bought their first cars are specially in need of being explained what the essential gear inside is, how they should start the car; use the accelerator and the clutch. Next in driving lessons taught in driving schools in Leicester, the exciting moment for learners comes – they move the instruction car for the first time and become confident learning to drive is easy – they should have patience, be diligent and carefully listen to their instructors during all the driving lessons.

Your First Car with a Driving Schools in Leicester

Learners at driving schools in Leicester enjoy their lessons. They especially appreciate the smooth passing from each learning stage into the next one, led by proficient instructors who help them to keep the instruction car under control. During driving lessons, instructors use dual controls if necessary, but learners are confident that when they acquire their driving licences at driving schools in Leicester, they will be able to drive their first cars smoothly, thanks to the skills they have obtained in the course of their driving tuition.

Thus, in addition to the wonderful event of acquiring their first cars, people who have yet to acquire their licences and attend driving lessons can anticipate equally wonderful periods of immersing themselves into driving, to become fully fledged drivers after passing their driving test at driving schools in Leicester. Then they can include their driving skills in their CVs, drive their nearest people to different destinations, and have memorable periods of driving their first cars.


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