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Driving Test Leicester

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Your teenage driver stands a much better chance of passing their driving test and getting their license if they have taken driving lessons with a certified driving instructor and gone through the classes at an approved driving school.

An approved driving instructor has the experience and training to get your teenage driver prepared with practical experience as they take to the road by putting them in various situations so they gain the experiences they need to be a safe driver.

Being taught how to drive by a friend or a parent could leave many holes in your teen’s instruction and not only could they fail their driving test, they are being denied the chance to gain valuable knowledgeabout what it takes to stay safe when they get


Ask for references from friends, the high school or check in a local directory for a reputable driving school that offers quality driving instruction. Once you find a driving instructor, be sure they are the right fit for your teen. They should have an exemplary reputation, always be reliable and drive a car that is suitable for your teen with reflective decals. The driving school should also offer convenient pick up and drop off service.

 Driving Lessons Leicester

Jon Matthews Driving School, Leicester, Leicestershire offers cheap driving lessons with approved driving instructors with a view to help you learn how to drive and pass your theory test, hazard perception training and practical driving test, first time.

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