Driving Instructors that Turn Heads

I was walking down Belgrave in Leicester recently and heard a very popular song being blared out by some random driver.

“Great!” I said to myself. “Another V8 Piston Head!”

But I was wrong. The car was no Ferrari. Neither was it one of the high-end BMW or one of the typical show-off cars. Instead, it was one of those easily forgotten cars from one of the growing countries of Asia Minor. What was even more surprising was the decals on the car. As it turned out, it was a driving instructor’s tuition vehicle. I could tell because it had all the cheap driving lessons offers like five driving lessons for fifty pounds or something similar.

The Driving Instructors Music

Surely, it couldn’t be the actual driving instructor. I know the driving instructor’s spouse is allowed to driver their tuition vehicle and thought okay, this is one partner gone crazy, like the child who will dig up those hidden treasures the moment the parents are out of ear-shot. Unfortunately, I was wrong again. It was an actual approved driving instructor driving his own tuition vehicle and playing the song, which I embarrassingly rush to add, I enjoyed.

Then I recognised the driving instructor. It was the same person who had helped a close friend pass his driving test. This friend, I recall, always said the instructor was a bit on the eccentric side of sanity. For example, he always arrived playing some children’s audio book, which he said the driving instructor could recite from beginning to end.

I smiled at the instructor, he smiled back. Then as the traffic eased off, the music faded away as he pulled away further down the road.

So, is it okay for drivers to ply down our busy roads with the music playing so loud? Or is the music another distraction?


One common complaint that professional drivers moan about is the solitude they are forced to endure. While some rely on dedicated talk radio services, others are more self-conscious of their own company. A veritable choice for this set of drivers is their ability to pre-determine what kind of music would be most suitable for every mood they might find themselves in.

Music for Rhythm

Some drivers are known to drive according to the rhythm of their current mood. Some even claim to be very bad drivers if they were not listening to some form of music or the other. Which one are you? Do you play music for rhythm or does it drive you batty?

Killing Boredom

Boredom lead to all sorts of fiddling by the driver. Music for these drivers can be an escape from this state of mind. A driver I know always plays whatever he wants and damn to his suffering passengers. But when he’s a passenger for his wife, he lets her choose to play whatever she wants to listen to while behind the wheels. But she never gets to drive that much. So there!

Passing Time

The long-journey driver needs to make time pass very subconsciously. To pass time, they may play one continuous loop, move to the next music and finish an entire collection of songs based on the planned journey.


Driving Lessons

driving instructors leicester

Approved Driving Instructors

So where do you come in to this interesting mix? There are some driving schools dotted around the country whose mainstay is provision of cheap driving lessons with approved driving instructors. If you are lucky, you just might get an instructor who is pass plus registered. A pass plus registered driving instructor would always ensure advanced driving tuition to cater for all the issues discussed above.

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