Don’t Drink and Drive over Christmas!

This article was originally published on January, 2012.

More than a dozen people were arrested for drinking and driving in the Leicestershire area in the weekend before Christmas. One incident involved a man crashing into a stationary police vehicle. He was found to be over the limit, and taken into custody. In another incident involving a collision, a second person was found to be over the limit. The Leicestershire police have expressed surprise that so many people still take the risk to drink and drive, especially over a period when the police are out in force, often with an agenda to prevent drink driving behaviour and dangerous driving.

None for the Road: advocated by Jon Matthews Driving School

Leicester Police dealing with drink driving.

A “None for the Road” is road safety campaign being run in Leicestershire over the Christmas period. This campaign is against drink driving, which has been shown to result in drivers taking dangerous risks, such as overtaking in a careless manner. If you are found to have been drinking after a serious accident, the result could even mean a prison sentence. It’s a high risk strategy, and if you think you’re going to be drinking over the seasonal period, it might be an idea to take advantage of the park and ride facilities available in Leicester. Park and ride means that you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere in the city centre to park. It also means that you’re unlikely to arrive back at your car at the crack of dawn to see that it’s been damaged by thugs who’ve decided to celebrate Christmas in a negative way. Worse still, your car could be stolen, providing an early Christmas present for a thief. Drink driving charges have been streamlined as a part of the government’s pro road safety measures, so that you can lose your licence thanks to virtual courts within some ninety minutes of being found in breach of the law. Some people don’t find the appeal of visiting relatives and in-laws over the Christmas period a great way to spend the holidays. However, even worse would be the thought that you can’t drive your car in order to get to them.

The park and rides of Leicester have been extended in terms of the hours they’re available during the Christmas period, in order to alleviate traffic congestion and help people in terms of being able to shop. All three park and ride sites of Leicester are fully operational for the first time this year. They’re not just for shoppers either. If you’re going to a party or to the pub, it might be an idea to avail of them too. It might be an idea for a family member to pick the car up from one of the three places in Leicestershire you can leave your vehicle: Birstall, Meynell’s Gorse or Enderby. The park and ride is fast and efficient – and it would want to be, or people wouldn’t be using it. And it’s popular. So if you’re going out for an evening in Leicester, it might be an idea to make an arrangement with a family member who’s insured on your car. Someone coming home from their Christmas shopping or from the sales can take the car back home, after you have parked and travelled by bus to your partying destination.

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