Dealing with Disruptive Passengers – Cars

Disruptive passengers forced an airplane’s Captain to make a sudden u-turn, according to a recent news article.

Driving on busy roads is distracting as it is, even if you have taken thorough driving lessons. When you have difficult or disruptive passengers, driving becomes even more difficult and could end up being dangerous to boot. Disruptive passengers can include fussy kids, a restless pet, talkative friends or relative. They like most teenage children, may try to meddle with the radio or with side-passengers,  the steering. Such passengers can easily distract you and take your focus off the road.

How does one deal with such aggravation to ensure continuous safer driving? Here are a few tips.

Who’s the Boss?

Firstly, make it clear that you, the driver, are in charge. Set ground rules when traveling with little children or irritable teenagers and establish why it is imperative for you to stay focused while driving. If driving with any child next to you is difficult, make them sit in the back seat and ensure that they are secured with seat belts or in a car seat.

Plan Ahead.

Going on a long trip? You may want to carry a few books for them to read or games to play in the car, to keep them from bothering you out of boredom.  These days, you can even equip each backrest with a portable DVD player so they can tuck in to their favourite film.

Teenage Disruptive Passengers.

If you are a teenage driver, your best friend could be that disruptive passenger. Ironically, they will not even consider that notion. It can be difficult telling your friends to turn down the volume and still retain that ‘cool’ image you have built so painfully. The trick here is to use a casual tone and say something like – ”Hey guys! Turn down that radio will you? I cant even hear myself think in here!”. This will pass the message and reduce the distractions too.

Children as Disruptive Passengers.

Driving Disruptive Passengers

Driving Disruptive Passengers: Children

If you drive children regularly, consider settling him or her in advance of the journey. NO point in you having disruptive passengers in the guise of an uncomfortable crying baby. Get soothers, play music that can send them to sleep, and try not to swerve. Basically, don’t wake the cranks!

Dealing with Elders.

Senior citizens, basically, grandpa and grandma, can sometimes be very distracting. In fact, those who cannot drive anymore or have no license to drive are the most dangerous, when they sit right next to the driver. Even though you may be doing all that you know based on new driving techniques in recent trends in driving lessons, some of them can be stuck in their ways so try to grab the steering, honking, giving inappropriate hand signals etc. If you have friends or elders like that, ensure that they sit behind and not next to the driver at for safety. However, you also don’t want to be rude or impertinent, like said above, tell them who is boss. Or give them the option of walking it.

Disruptive Passengers with Learning Difficulties.

If your job involves you regularly driving disruptive passengers like people with learning difficulties, have extra support. It might even be better not driving at all. There are companies out there who have all the training to cope with disruptive passengers. Talk to your employer about the benefits of using a hire company to help you cope with such disruptive passengers.


In general, disruptive passengers never think of their actions before hand, or the negative effect it can have on your driving abilities. If you have to deal with disruptive passengers, plan ahead. Make sure you set some ground rules, and don’t be afraid to draw the line when things come to a head. It is best to arrive safe, not late.

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