Accepting Defeat: Intensive Driving Lessons

Ones aim to achieve certain lofty goals in life can be daunting. Intensive driving lessons can be compared to the presidential election of any given country. During the US Presidential election of 2012, it was a close call for Obama and Romney. The polls, the surveys, even the marketing was too close for any statistician to predict with certainty who was going to win.

In Zimbabwe, however, not too  long ago, there was an overwhelming call for Mugabe to leave the “Throne”. But even when the then election in the said country seemed to show Tsavangari as the obvious winner, the incumbent fought tooth and nail to ensure he stayed enshrined in the minds of his people until death. Today, the situation has not changed.

Intensive Driving Lessons

Intensive Driving Course, for those who want to succeed

For learner drivers, it sometimes seemed incredulous that they “did not pass” their driving test. Take the example of a lady who took intensive driving lessons in Leicester. She started an intensive driving course one fine Monday and arrived at the driving test centre on the  Friday of that same week. But is it possible to succeed like this in life?

Bearing in mind that the lady was learning to move off safely on the Monday, it is unimaginable to some people that some learner drivers choose this fire-brigade approach to learning how to drive. When her driving instructor informed the said lady that she will be driving on a dual carriageway at the end of the first day, she half-believed him. But she did. At the end of day two, she was reversing into a bay, albeit with a lot of doubt in her own self-confidence.

Come Friday, and she was a bag of nerves, but driving test she did do. Did she pass? Well, let’s leave that for now.

Take candidate number two. He had been driving for years. Had driven for years accident free and was positive he would make the mark.  He went for his driving test the following week, and the same examiner acknowledge his skills and confidence. However, approximately five minutes to the end of his driving test, he sped up to and went round a roundabout,  while weaving in and out of other lanes. Problem however, was that he was oblivious of his mistakes.

Did he pass? Well, not quite. When asked why he was speeding, he declared it was a 40 MPH road, and he was doing well below that. Fact was, it had just finished raining, and the glare of the morning sun was blinding. He did admit, he could barely see the road markings, but was adamant he was not speeding.

Putting the scenario together; wet road, poor visibility, high speed on a roundabout, and in high gear. What examiner would pass such a candidate? Accepting defeat, for some is a tall order. He does remind one of Mugabe. The lady, however, did acknowledge she was inching closer to a parked car, but did not manage to stop. If only “I had stopped!” she moaned. And yes, the examiner told her during the de-brief. “If only she had been patient, that much longer.”

But unlike the fast paced roundabout driver, she took the blow to her ego and accepted that she did indeed, make a judgement error, with the view to continuously improve her driving skills. The man, on the other hand, hated the whole idea, discredited the driving test examiner and the whole experience. Room for self improvement? Hardly! Driving lessons take time to fully appreciate what examiners are looking for. Be patient and listen to your driving instructor. If you do, you will hardly make the wrong turn. And if you are thinking of intensive driving lessons, be prepared to accept that inspite of all the hype, it is possible to make mistakes. Be patient, and it will all pay off!



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