Driving Lessons and Good Driving Habits: Acquired Taste or Just Claptrap?

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Good driving habits are rare these days, but so are good driving lessons. In 2012, the BBC aired a programme, “The War on Britain’s Roads”. Based on the footage, cyclists, motorists, even pedestrians are getting more aggressive.

However, almost everyone asked would claim to have good driving habits. Only a few would own up to driving without due care and consideration to other road users. But are such great virtues an acquired skill or is it just plain claptrap?

Take this example. I love egg mayo sandwich. As a busy workaholic, I never seemed to have the time to make my own. The supermarkets added cress to the mix and it was a healthy option I welcomed. But I went in one lunch hour only to find everything was on brown bread, not white. For me, that was pushing “health” too far.

So I started making my own. Since I had no cress, (I had fallen in love with he darn thing) I experimented with raisins. Haven’t looked back since. On another occasion I tried to zing things up a bit by adding chilli-pepper. Again, it was a treat, so went on like that for more than four years.

Little did I know I was building an acquired taste for spicy food. So it came to pass that I was unable to make my own sandwich and ran into another sandwich bar. Luckily, they had the sense to let me decide on choice of bread. What’s more, they started adding bacon. I bought one!

I was about to drive off but decided to take a chunky bit of my meagre lunch. It tasted funny. I looked at the date, it was out. After returning the offensive food and going to another shop for the traditional egg mayo kind, I made sure to check the date before leaving the shop. I did not, however, have the time to taste it.

So I got back to the office, made a cup of tea, and tucked right in. But the sandwich was bland. I checked the date again. It was fine. Knowing that the shop I got the food from was one to make ingredients on the day I was puzzled as to what could be wrong. I just about finished half the sandwich before refusing to take another bite. It was later I sussed it was all down to the missing chili.

Use of Driving Lessons

I got home, mixed up my fillings and made my sandwich just the way I usually do, egg, mayo, raisins and of course, the all important chili.

As one can imagine, my unease with the bland sandwich was due to my having regularly built up a penchant for the chili option. There are loads of drivers out there who just go through the motions of getting a driving licence only to abandon what good driving habits their driving instructor spent so many hours trying to embed in them during driving lessons. And that, dear reader is why we have so much stress on the road.


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The Fourth Insane Driver

“1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year.” - Mental Health Foundation

"One in Four is Insane"

Insane Drivers



That was a quote from the website of the Mental Health Foundation.  This invariably means that one in four drivers on every English or Welsh road is distressed to the point of disorder.  Scary times indeed.


We are all shaky about leaving our little wards with mentally unstable individuals. Distressed personnel are most times hard to comprehend or get along with.  So what would such a person do behind the wheels of a modern car?  Well, we’ve all seen other drivers stop without signalling to tell other road users their intended stop.  We’ve seen drivers change direction at junctions witho Continue reading

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Why Do People Drive So Badly?

Driving Stories

Political Cyclist

Driving lessons must be taught by registered driving instructors in the Netherlands. France, UK motorists tend to purport, is notorious for poor driving practices. The autobahn in Germany leaves the UK motorist mouth-watering for days on end and the Greeks probably have more alcohol than blood in their system. In the UK, we have a different angle to poor driving standards. And yet, very few of motorists take further driving lessons.

Poor Driving Habits

It is an eyesore to watch some drivers. Fact is, stick 10 people next to any experienced driver and about 7 or 8 would say their driving companion is a nightmare on the road. SO why are we such a nation of bad drivers?

In this article, we will look at 7 reasons why people are poor drivers.

  1. Lazy
  2. Ignorance
  3. Failure to obey traffic signs
  4. Act of Nature
  5. Lack of Experience
  6. Poor Planning
  7. Mis-judgemenrt


People don’t  tend to signal these days. They drive in and out of roundabouts without consideration to other road users.

Solution? Flick on the signal. Just before that, don’t forget to look! Think of your driving lessons, just before your driving test.


Ignorance is Bliss. Well, in your life of splendour and wanton need to gain knowledge, pick up the Highway Code. It’s the cheapest form of driving tuition to consider.

Solution: It’s pretty nifty stuff, what one can find in a the Highway Code

Failure to obey traffic signs

The Highway Code defines standards. Where drivers begin to ignore traffic sign, the world goes crazy.

Solution? Stop at red lights. Let the granny waddle across the crossing. she needs the  time, do not toot that horn. There are updates to the traffic laws, keep up with  re-familiarising yourself with new legislations on driving.

Act of Nature

Flood, ice and rain are the common weather conditions that make most people do the most absurd stuns.

Solution? Slow down. Think of the 32-car pile-up in 2011. Think again of the 2013 pile-up with over 100 cars. So think fast, reduce your speed. It might prove difficult to stop.

Lack of experience

Statistics often return figures of younger age groups having the biggest amount of drivers involvement in road collisions. It is common knowledge that most new and young drivers, often 17 to 25 have one form of accident or the other within one year of passing their driving test.

Solution? Well, younger drivers tend to pass their driving test with ease. This is due to their ability to learn quicker than their more reserved older counterparts. While one cannot recommend that driving instructors should keep younger drivers on their books longer than is necessary, novice-drivers’s instructors should try to expose these set of pupils to as many and varied road and traffic conditions. City, country, narrow and tight roads, in all types of weather and different times of day to reflect traffic changes.

Poor Planning

Being able to “read traffic” and anticipate what other drivers, riders and pedestrians is born out of experience. If only more drivers anticipate more regularly, the number of accidents would be reduced.

Consider a set of refresher driving lessons. Things change, and so does the law.


Not knowing how fast/or slow your vehicle is going makes it hard for them to access stopping   distance. Even turning, and emerging, involves a higher degree of planning to make  things work.


It is worthy to take occasional driving lessons just to stay focused throughout your driving life.


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Traffic Signs Confuse Learner Drivers

Poor Traffic Signs Leicester

Poor Traffic Signs

Learner Drivers have never had it so tough during driving lessons in Leicester.

Learning to drive is already very stressful. But what do you do when those efforts are being undermined by unhelpful traffic signs, it could lead to points on the learner driver’s licence, fines and undue headache.

At the junction of Fosse Road North and Battenberg Road in Leicester, LE3, there is a speed limit of 20 MPH and another disparaging one saying motorist can do 30 MPH. So what is the poor learner driver to do? What if this was a driving test? What chance has the learner driver got?

Add this to the recent bad weather we’ve had in January, it’s just one more disaster waiting to happen. When one thinks about it, a learner driver would always benefit from a Pass Plus registered driving instructor. Is your driving instructor Pass Plus Registered? Ask today, demand the best from your driving instructor.

Poor Traffic Signs Solution

Have you seen any similar traffic sign in your neighbourhood that you would like your local council to redesign? The suggest to us here. Post your comments below. And if you have pictures, don’t go picture shy..Post them too. We want to see/read about poor traffic driving conditions so we could all be aware of them.


Have you thought of Intensive Driving Lessons? Is it worth the stress of cramming so many hours into a one, two, or three week period? If however, you need regular weekly driving lessons in Leicester, consider Jon Matthews Driving School.


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