Driving Lessons and Good Driving Habits: Acquired Taste or Just Claptrap?

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Good driving habits are rare these days, but so are good driving lessons. In 2012, the BBC aired a programme, “The War on Britain’s Roads”. Based on the footage, cyclists, motorists, even pedestrians are getting more aggressive.

However, almost everyone asked would claim to have good driving habits. Only a few would own up to driving without due care and consideration to other road users. But are such great virtues an acquired skill or is it just plain claptrap?

Take this example. I love egg mayo sandwich. As a busy workaholic, I never seemed to have the time to make my own. The supermarkets added cress to the mix and it was a healthy option I welcomed. But I went in one lunch hour only to find everything was on brown bread, not white. For me, that was pushing “health” too far.

So I started making my own. Since I had no cress, (I had fallen in love with he darn thing) I experimented with raisins. Haven’t looked back since. On another occasion I tried to zing things up a bit by adding chilli-pepper. Again, it was a treat, so went on like that for more than four years.

Little did I know I was building an acquired taste for spicy food. So it came to pass that I was unable to make my own sandwich and ran into another sandwich bar. Luckily, they had the sense to let me decide on choice of bread. What’s more, they started adding bacon. I bought one!

I was about to drive off but decided to take a chunky bit of my meagre lunch. It tasted funny. I looked at the date, it was out. After returning the offensive food and going to another shop for the traditional egg mayo kind, I made sure to check the date before leaving the shop. I did not, however, have the time to taste it.

So I got back to the office, made a cup of tea, and tucked right in. But the sandwich was bland. I checked the date again. It was fine. Knowing that the shop I got the food from was one to make ingredients on the day I was puzzled as to what could be wrong. I just about finished half the sandwich before refusing to take another bite. It was later I sussed it was all down to the missing chili.

Use of Driving Lessons

I got home, mixed up my fillings and made my sandwich just the way I usually do, egg, mayo, raisins and of course, the all important chili.

As one can imagine, my unease with the bland sandwich was due to my having regularly built up a penchant for the chili option. There are loads of drivers out there who just go through the motions of getting a driving licence only to abandon what good driving habits their driving instructor spent so many hours trying to embed in them during driving lessons. And that, dear reader is why we have so much stress on the road.


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How and When to Drive on Bus Lanes

Use of Bus Lanes

 Driving on Bus Lanes

A Learner Driver once said he did not want to use a BUS LANE, out of own choice.
When asked why the Learner Driver said;

“I just don’t want to use the Bus Lane!”

Well, the practical Driving Test came and the Learner Driver did not use a bus lane even though there was no time restriction.
So take it from a professional driving instructor. If you can use a bus lane, do. If you do not, you may fail. Remember, some bus lanes have time restrictions on them. You may not drive in a bus lane on the times specified. Any other time, you can, therefore, should. Hundreds of driving test candidates have failed their driving test, just because they are too scared to understand what to do. If in doubt, get a copy of the highway code book. It costs only £2.50 and has a wealth of safety information on the rules of the road, including what to do if you are involved in a collision.


Jon Matthews offers free highway code for learner drivers.
It was a Driving Fault, however, there were other 15 diving faults.

When asked by friends and family if the choice not to use the Bus Lane was valid, the Learner Driver said;

“I would have passed my Driving Test if I had used the Bus Lane.” Call: 07806 193 453 for your Driving Lessons

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New Website: Jon Matthews Driving School

Jon Matthews Driving School has spruced-up their website. The old-style frames were collapsed, web-pages were merged, and their contents made more relevant and easier for search engines to crawl.

They also gave the website a ‘lighter feel‘, with an airy atmosphere and road safety images to augment the main colour scheme. The new website also looks more mature, professionally designed with a slight whimsical touch. The new horizontal menu is definitely more attractive, and clear to understand. But most importantly, the new website is closer to meeting with the major

Driving Standards Agency

Driving Standards Agency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What else is New?

Each new web-page has a You-Tube linked video on driving lessons.

  • There are free sample Theory Test questions.
  • Visitors can see snippets of the Highway Code.
  • Navigation to the e-commerce page is easier; great for business.
  • There is a direct link to the DSA website for learner drivers to book their Theory Test as well as Practical Driving Test.
  • The blog “Driving Stories” is open to everyone and subscription is free.


Pack 17, currently retailing at £289.00 is a block of 17 driving lessons, especially useful to 17 year-old learner drivers who need to save money on driving lessons. Pack 17 has grown to be the favourite package deal for 17-year old learner drivers, mostly because of the structured driving lessons and ease of access.
In a recent review, previous Learner driver, Atticus Hall-McNair, said;
“The online payment system is a massive bonus as it means I didn’t have to carry lots of cash…”

There are other money-saving options for older learner drivers. But it’s not all about cheap driving lessons and online presence. Driving lessons have to live up to expectations. Teenager, Hall-McNair, who paid for all his driving lessons online and went on to pass his theory test and practical driving test first time also said;

“I was  learner driver in January, test ready in May and passed by June.”

Learner Drivers wanting driving lessons from Jon Matthews Driving School should call 0844 811 43 83. Alternatively, call the on-call Driving Instructor on 07806 193 453.



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£85.00 Driving Lesson – 8 Hour Course

Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Sale!

Cheap Driving Lessons Voucher

Jon Matthews Driving School

£85.00: 8-Hour  Driving Course

See details…

LE1, LE2 LE3, LE4, LE5 LE6, LE7, & LE18

Terms Apply:

Suitable for new customers only…

There will be 6 hours of driving tuition before the day of driving test. The 7th hour will be used on the day of practical driving test and the 8th hour to be used for the Driving Test itself.
(1) Multiple purchase is allowed.

(2) Only one voucher type per Learner Driver.

(3) The £85.00 deal is for new customers who have had no more than 10 hours driving tuition.

(4) Valid Provisional Driving Licence.

(5) Booking required for all driving lessons.

(6) Learner Driver MUST be 17 years or over to commence driving lessons.
Note: All Vouchers have no cash value, & the £65.00 deal can ONLY be used by New Customers.

Where to Claim

Qualifying Post Codes:

LE1 | LE2 | LE3 | LE4 | LE5 | LE7 | LE18

This voucher deal is only redeemable for driving lessons in Leicester at Jon Matthews Driving School. For Learner Drivers in Loughborough, Coalville & Hinckley, there will be more deals specific to your location at other times.

You may, however, buy for a friend who lives within the qualifying post codes.

You can bookmark this page to get regular updates. Or you can subscribe to our blog, Driving Stories.

If you live outside Leicester, but in Loughborough, Coalville, or Hinckley and surrounding towns, and still want to take advantage of our other current money-saving driving lessons options, then talk to Jon.

How to Book Driving Lessons…

Booking Required

Please book your driving lessons by calling our dedicated booking line or direct with a Driving Instructor, or conveniently online. Contact details to book…


By Telephone: 0844 811 4383 (Local rate may apply)
By Mobile: 07806 193 453
Online: Book Now!

Refund Policy

Jon Matthews Driving School provides a full refund for any driving course bought within fourteen (14) days of purchase.

If you request a refund after 14 days, but before the end of 30 days, you may get some of your money back. (Provided the driving tuition has not begun). We do not issue refunds after 30 days of purchase.

We use PayPal‘s industry standard secure payment infrastructure. So you can be sure your money is safe.

48-Hour cancellation Policy exists. All booked driving lessons should be cancelled with at least 48-hour advanced notification. Where this is not the case, the lesson may be charged at the expense of the learner driver.

NOTE: This driving lesson discount is not for all learner drivers. Terms apply. Please read carefully before purchase.

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