Basic 8 Hour Driving Course, Leicester


8 Basic Driving Lessons in Leicester

8 Hour driving Course BASIC ROUTINES on cockpit preparation, basic and auxcillary controls, moving off, stopping, introduction to reverse manouvres.

(Excludes driving test fee).

Cheapest Driving Lessons in Leicester

Cheap! 8-Hour Driving Course

In Stock, Online Deal, In Leicester.

Lessons Durations: 120 minute.

1st six hours completed prior to day of driving test.

Last two hours utilised on day of driving test.


Subject Areas

Emphatically online purchase only.

For learner drivers having a maximum ten-hour experience driving.

Not to be used in in combination with other discounts.

Similar driving course, Pack17 for 17 year olds.

How Many Hours To Pass Drigng Test?

Typically, learner drivers may need upt to 60 hours, approximately, to learn how to drive.

Look at the driving lesson prices page to see more.

How Many Minutes is a Driving Lessons?

Normally, driving lessons are calculated in units of 60-minutes.

1st Meeting: Two Hours. Subsequently, also two-hourly

Actual driving classes, on the other hand, are extended to what learners cope with.

Saving on Driving Lessons

Not transferable once you commence.

Must have valid provisional licence.

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