10-Day Driving Course

Complete beginner to drivnig test pass in 10 days!

Novice drivers can now start learning to drive on day 1 and 9 days later pass their driving test on the first attempt.

If, unfortunately, you do not pass first time we will schedule another driving test at no extra cost.

We also book the theory test for you. There is no need to pay extra for the driving theory test

How much are driving lessons; how much will this cost

Do you want to pass your driving test in 10 days?

Jon Matthews intensive driving courses now has a 10-day driving course with theory & driving tests built-in.

You will find useful information on … how many hours, how long, how much, & quite frankly can you pass in 10 days?.

Who Is 10-Day Course Provider?

Leicester Intensive Driving Course

You will have full time DVSA approved driving instructor

He/she will use a specially adapted vehicle for driving tuition, & driving test.

Your tuition vehicle will be fully insured for driving lessons and test purposes

Driving School: Jon Matthews Driving School

How Much is the 10 Day Course?

£1,050.00 That is all you will pay.

10 Days Driving Test
cheapest driving lessons in leicester

That's for forty-three (43) hours. You can Pay Now

You pay a deposit of £500.00 and the remaining when you start the course.

You start learning to drive with 22-23 driving lessons in the first five days.

You will then have another 20-21 hours in the second 5 days

How crash course driving lessons work

You need about 4 to 5 hours per day learning how to drive.

On the day of the driving test, you will use the least number of hours.

Jon Matthews Drining School will look for a suitable test date, & time to meet your own needs.

HOT TIP: NOTE! You will have 1 or 2 days rest during the 10-day course.

Where To Get 10-Day Driving Crash Course

Do you live in Leicester, or London - £1,300.00 (prices vary in London)? Then we can help you.

Jon Matthews 10-day intensive driving course

We also offer driving crash courses in Hinckley, Sapcote, Loughborough, Shepshed, Melton Mowbray, Whitwick

Give us a call if you live in East Goscote, Sileby, Lutterworth, Ashby, or on Campus,

London: South East London, Plumstead, Abbey Wood, Woolwich, Barking

When to book 10 day driving test

The sooner the beter, however …

You will need to pass your theory test before the actual 10 day course commences.

We will not start the 10 day course even if you have booked your theory test.

Do remember, however, that we hae included the theory test in this course

10 Days FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is this the best way to pass the driving test quickly?

The 10 day course is one of the Quickest way to pass driving test

How Many Driving Tests Can I Have

The 10 day course is one of the Quickest way to pass driving test first time However, we also throw in 1 re-test

How many driving faults should I have on a test?

Well, hopefully, for safety reasons, you want to have no faults while driving at any time.

You are owever, allowed 15 driver faults (also known as minor faults)

NOTE: You cannot have all 15 minor faults on one issue though

You are not allowed to have 1 serious fault (also known as major fault)

You are definitely not allowed to have 1 dandergous fault (also known as major fault)

Can I have the theory & driving test on the same day?

Sorry, not possible.You will normally only be able to pass your driving test before we can book the driving test.

Can I book my driving test, then book theory test?

No. NOT POSSIBLE You MUST pass theory Test BEFORE booking your driving test

When will I get my full UK driving licence?

Your NEW Full UK Driving licence is normally received within 20 working days

When can I start driving?

'Immediately'; is the short answer. You can start driving immediately, so long as you have apropriate insurance cover.

One Week Intensive Driving Courses in Leicester

10 Point Checklist for Quick Pass Driving Test

Ten things to consider when booking fast pass driving course.

  1. Book driving course early. Thinik about instructor's availability
  2. Book time off for intensive lessons. You will need to do some research between course
  3. Don't go booking a holidays away immediately before or after the quick pass driving course
  4. Give honest, achievable, learning time frames. Know your limit. You may have to drive up to 5 hours per day
  5. Take control of the your learning opportunity. Remember; passing in a short time frame can be a tall order.
  6. Respond to instructions possitively. Ask 'why', or at least clarify what, instructor says.
  7. Try and relax. Engage in the road in front, and behind. Hazzards come from all sides.
  8. Be prepared for mistakes, and corrections. Give it your best shot! But be safe.
  9. Leave room for a second driving test within the 30 days following your 1st test
  10. Think possitively! Break that lacklustre attitude thinking it is not possible.

You can book intensive courses by calling 07806 193 453.

You can buy intensive courses for a friend, or family member.

When Will I Start My Driving Course?

Your crash course will start the day you have agreed and pre-arranged with your assigned instructor.

How To Pay for Intensive Driving Lessons

You a deposit of £500.00, online, for us to start looking for a week suitable for lessons and driving test.

On the day you start your crash course, you then pay the remaining balance to the instructor, normally in cash.

You will find information about crash course pricing

Intensive Driving Lessons Prices

We are very competitive with our prices for driving tuition.

In fact, Jon Matthews Driving Schol offers one of the cheapest intensive driving courses in Leicestershire

Many people take one driving lesson a week for months, and sometimes years on end.

You don't have to! Do an intensive driving course.

However, do not let price of intensive driving lessons be the main decider on choosing a driving school

Beware! You must book time off work, college, or other distrations for this to be easier!

'You can take paid holiday when you want, so long as you give your employer the correct notice.' - Advice from by CAB Website

Take accelerated driving lessons from a specialised Jon Matthews Intensive Driving School

Leicester Intensive Driving Course

How Many Hours Do I need to Pass?

The Jon Matthews 10-Day Intensive Course is a composite of 42 hours driving tuition & 1 hour car hire for test.

So, how many hours does one need to pass driving test?

Typically, weekly driving lessons mean forgetting somethings.

On average, however, most people will pass thweir driving test with somewhre between 47-70 hours

Since we are reducing the learning period to just ten days, this helps you remember more, and keep focussed on improving your driving skills sooner, and with less hours

10-Day, 7-Day, & 5-Day Crash Course Prices

In Stock: BUY: 10 Days: 43 Hours, Price: £1050 Deposit: £500.00

Instock: BUY: 7 Days: 29 Hours, Price: £810 Deposit: £400.00

In stock: BUY: 5 Days: 18 Hours, Price: £480 Deposit: £250.00

More Driving Crash Course Prices

Details >>> 9 Hours 19 Hours 25 Hours 35 Hours 45 Hours (GP) 55 Hours (GP)
Deposit to pay £109.00 £189.50 £232.00 £264.50 £439.50 £496.50
Balance to start £160.00 £300.00 £380.00 £550.00 £800.00 £1,100.00
Total to pay £269.00 £489.50 £612.00 £814.50 £1,239.50 £1,596.50
Hourly Rate £23.00/ph £22.50/h £22.00/ph £21.50/ph £24.50/ph £24.50/ph
Intensive Driving Course Options:

10 Day Course

43 Hours Driving Course

10 Days Driving Course

2 Week Driving Courses

Theory Plus re-test

Price: £1,050.00 (Dep: £500)

7 Day Course

29 Hours Driving Course

7 Days Driving Course

1 Week Driving Courses

Includes Theory & re-test

Price: £815.00 (Dep: £400)

5 Day Course

18 Hours Driving Course

5 Days Driving Course

1 Week Crash Course

No Re-test | No Theory

Price: £480.00 (Dep£250)


Silver Package

35 Hour Prodigy

2 Week Course

Price: £814.50

Gold Package

45 Hours, 1 re-test

2 Week Course

Price: £1,239.50

Platinum Package

55 Hours, 3 Tests

2-3 Week Course

Price: £1,596.50

Pass Plus Course

No Driving Test

Duration: 6-8 hours

Build confidence


guaranteed pass driving course

Guaranteed Pass

Free re-tests/lessons

Duration: 45-55 hours

Quality Assurance

Price: £1,239.50 / £1,596.50

guaranteed pass driving course

Weekend Driving Lessons

Morning Sessions only

Duration: min 2 hours

Keep Weekday free

Price: £25.00/ph

driving test pass guarantee

How We Involve You

We will always consult you for confirmation of any driving test booked.

If you like the date, or time of driving test, we then make joint plans to start your driving lessons.

Where you do not want a date, or time of test, or lessons, we will go back to look for another driving test time slot.

There will always be a driving test cancellation, but we cannot guarantee which test centre it will be.

We will only look for driving test cancellations in test centres you ask us to.

However, we may advice you of other nearby test centres that may be available, or more convenient. Either way, the final dceision is yours to make.

Video: Bay Park Right

Learn how to reverse right into bay.

28 Hour Crash Course Review: 5 Star Rating!

Booked 28 hours worth of lessons and took my first lesson 10 days before my test. Instructor was great! I was taught at my own pace and quickly improved. Thanks to the superb way I was taught. All manoeuvres were explained simple and easy to understand and get right very quickly. Also was told I didn't need all the hours I had payed for so was given a refund which shows what sort of company they are! I have already recommended them to a couple of friends and family.
1 Week Intensive Course
Date published: 07/08/2016
5 / 5 stars

When Can I Start/Book My Driving Crash Course?

You can start learning to drive one of our intensive driving courses as soon as you want, or can.

We have driving instructors ready to help you now.

Secure a driving test pass with a one week intensive driving course.

Which Driving Intensive Course Is Good For Me?

Look through the small descriptions below to decide which driving intensive course would suit you best.

9 Hour Driving Crash Course

£109.00 / £160.00. For driving test refresher tuition. Completion: 2 to 3 sessions.

19 Hour quick pass driving course

£189.50.00 / £300.00. For confident learners who have taken a break from driving.

25 Hour driving crash course

£232.00. / £380.00. For people who have some driving experience. Reasonably confident.

35 Hour intensive driving course

£264.50 / £550.00 Bright-eyed, novice drivers starting from scratch; reasonably confident.

45 Hour intensive driving course

£496.50 / £800.00 For novice drivers with a nervous disposition. 1 driving test re-sit

55 Hour intensive driving course

£496.50 / £1,100.00 Also for novice drivers with a nervous disposition, but want assurance of a pass, & 2 extra re-sits.

Start Learning & get driving licence sooner than most learners

Cheapest Intensive Driving Lessons in Leicester

Note: Actual driving test fee is normally £62.00 weekdays and £75.00 weekends.

We may include a premium above the week-day fees to accommodate our service charge.

Finding the time to learn to drive can be difficult due to busy work schedules, family commitments and further study. Don?t let learning a new skill interfere with your life. Take the plunge with a one-week driving course and pass your driving test first time with flying colours. Even those who have had hourly driving lessons in the past can benefit from taking a 1 week crash course. With higher pass rates, crash course driving lessons can even be more economical than weekly lessons. Fast track your success today and get your driving licence in just one week.

Crash course driving lessons are offered throughout Leicestershire and the East Midlands.

Do you live in Leicester, Loughborough, Hinckley, Shepshed, or Coalville? Or is it Melton Mowbray, Whitwick, Fleckney, and Market Harborough? Check out our groovy packages!

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