Learn Parallel Parking: How To Reverse Park


Are you struggling to learn Parallel Parking?

Are your Reverse parallel Park driving lessons giving you headaches?

Do you really want to learn how to parallel park in 30 moniutes or less?

Learn to drive by parallel parking, the easy way!

What is Parallel Park?

Parallel Park, also known as Reverse Parking, is parking between two parked cars.

How Long Does it take to Parallel Park?

A skilled driver would typically can typically reverse park betwween 2 parked cars in approximately 45 to 90 seconds.

You can learn how to parallel park in approximately thirty minutes.

We suggest, however, that dedicate another 30 minutes to self-evaluate, and try other skills as well.

Old Parallel Park Lesson Video

Parallel Parking Safety Notice

You MUST keep observing throughout the excerciser

Not looking in your Blind Spots, (over your shoulders), is not a safe.

You MUST have good control of your car throughout the routine.

You need to stop if you notice a developing hazzard.

Before continuing, after a hazzard, make sure to look around, AGAIN!


Is Reverse Park the same as Parallel Parking?

Yes! Parallel Park, & Reverse Parking are exaclty the same thing.

How long does it take to learn Parallel Parking?

Thirty minutes! Most learner-drivers learn how to parallel park, in 30 minutes, or less.

Will I be tested on how to Prallel Park?

Maybe! Reverse Parking is one of the 4 revesre manoeuvres you need to learn before driving test day.

What else will the Examiner mark me on during Parallel Park?

Driving test examiners also want to see good pro-active obervation skills, & complete good control of the car.

I failed because of parallel park: Is that possible?

Unfortunately, yes. Parallel Parking, is an intergral part of your driving test. Learn how to parallel park in thirty minutes, or less.

Note: Movement of the car will be mostly by CLUTCH, or FOOT BRAKE

There will be hardly any need for the accelerator, even on a hill.

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