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Are you prepared for your theory and/or practical driving test?

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Driving Theory Test Preparation Service

Our primary function is to help improve driving skills with all driving test preparation questions you have.

Call us on 07806 193 453 to see how we can help.

Practical Driving Lesson Video, 'Moving Off Safely'

You're off to a good start when you start learining to drive with Jon Matthews Driving School.

Remember, it is not always necesssarily the how many practical driving lessons you receive.

Practically, how goood, & effective, those hours of driving tuition are, is more than any theoretical analysis.

12 Things You Need to know before you book driving test

  1. The only body officialy responsible for booking drivng theory tests is Pearson. Their link is at bottom of every page of this website.
  2. The only body responsible for booking, changing, and cancelling practical driving tests in the United Kingdom is the DVSA. Website also at the bottom of this page.
  3. You can book your own theory and driving test online, or by telephone. There is no need to pay anymore than the government wants you to pay for driving test booking service.
  4. Your driving instructor may opt to help you book driving test, or theroy test. However, do check if they want to charge you for the benefit.
  5. All driving test fees are published on the .gov website. Do not be bamboozled into paying third party organizations whose sole aim is to broker the same driving test you could easily book yourself.
  6. You can check if your booking agent has truly booked a driving test on your behalf. Use your theory test pass certificate.
  7. There is no need paying upfront for both theory & driving test together. It is best to pass your driving test before paying third parties to book driving test.
  8. You will be asked 2 Show Me Tell Me questions before commenceing the actual driving test – getting it wrong does not significantly affect your actual driving test.
  9. If you committ one or more serious/dangerous driving test, you will need to start planning for the next driving test. However, you're allowed up to 15 minor faults/driver errors, so long as they are not on the same issue/fault.
  10. You're allowed to have someone suitable age accompany you on the driivng test. This can be your instructor, friend, or family.
  11. You will be informed if you succeeded, or not, immediately after you return to the test centre.
  12. You may choose to have your driving test in your own vehicle. You do not need a driving instructor's car for test purposes, but they do help the examiner relax knowing they can safely stop you if things get out of hand..

We do not charge for helping you book driving test.

For L-Test preparation, we teach in all road and traffic conditions.

Upon completion of a positive outcome from a L-Test, we can also help with Pass Plus, & Motorway driving courses.

Resources to Prepare for Driving Test

Sample Theory Test Questions

Learn Driving Theory Test

Learn Hazard Perception

Learn UK Highway Code Rules

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How To Drive

Learn How To Drive

Practical driving lessons

HOT Driving Test Tips

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Driving Test Questions

Vehicle Check Practice.

'Show Me Tell Me' Questions.

Excellent Driving School Reviews.

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Intensive Driving Courses

25-Hour Intensive Driving Course intensive driving course, 25 driving lessons, crash course driving lessons
£612.00 In stock
Jon Matthews Driving School is proud to announce the provision and availability of crash course driving lessons for time strapped learner drivers. Success!

You can pass in a week with as little as £612.00 for 25 hours with a test next week. So for the best driving lessons Leicester has to offer, call us to book driving tests.

In Stock, subject to driving instructor availablity.