STARTING TO DRIVE | 17 Hour Driving Course in Leicester


Can I start learning to drive at seventeen?

Are you aware you can get your full UK driving licence before you turn 18?

How does one qualify for £7.50 discount per hour on driving lessons?

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Learning to Drive in Leicester

It is true there are hundrends of driving instructors in Leicester areas offering cheap driving lessons.

Fact is they all want you to call them for driving tuition.

However, there is only so many learner drivers one driving instructor can teach at any one time.


What You Need From Your Driving Instructor

You need a qualified driving instructor

You obviously want a good driving instructor who can help you learn to drive quickly.

You need an instructor who understands your needs. Quite often this comes with experience.

You want an instructor who can help you pass soonest! But, safe first, let's not forget that.


So, all driving instructors want to teach you how to drive.

Meanwhile, you want to get high quality tuition with a small price tag. Reasonable in today's world.

But when is a price discount a dis-incentive to your driving instructor?

How do you know your chosen driving school is not just fleecing you, or your instructor for that matter?

It is for this reason Jon Matthews created Pack 17, purely for the usage of people who start learning to drive at 17.

What Is Pack 17?

Pack 17, for 17 year old learner drivers, is a block booking discount of 17 driving lessons

This is an online deal, you can only buy it online priced only £289.00.

You can pay for all 17 driving lessons in full, or pay by two instalments.

Note: Paying half and half incurs a £5.00 surcharge each time. So this will take it to £299.00


Save up to £102.00

Price is £17.00 per hour, in stock.

Subject to driving instructor availability.

Available in LE1-LE5 & LE18 only

What Terms

Learner driver must be 17 year at start of course

Cannot be used after the 8 driving lessons discount offer

Lesson durations are mostly 2 hours, with two 90 minute sessions

48 hours notice is required to cancel/postpone any pre-booked lesson

Learner must have a valid UK provisional driving licence

Once started, there is no refund, & not transferable

Half payment allowed incures £ 5.00 per payment

Buy Now: Pack 17 Pay Full

Buy Now: Pack17 Pay Half

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