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10 Driving Lessons Limit Explained

Terms & Conditions

Weekday Lessons

No Weekend Tuition

Full Terms & Conditions

This deal is for new customers only with …

Less than 11 hours driving experience

Starting and end point in LE1, LE2, LE3, LE4, LE5, or LE18

A valid UK provisional driving licence

Terms: 10-Hour Experience Limit

10 hours of driving tuition is the maximum novice drivers should have before considering our cheap driving lesson offer. What does this mean?

It simply means, learner drivers who want to take advantage of 8 driving lessons for £95.00, must have had no more than ten driving lessons. Secondly, 2 to 3 hours of the eight will be reserved for use on the day you are ready for the driving test. These are the basic terms. Other terms follow. Please do read on to get the full flavour of this great offer.

The terms and conditions for an eight hour driving lessons offer are listed on this page. So the occasional drive with friends or family does count towards the 10 hours. If you have any question, please look at the Frequently Asked Questions page before calling.

10 Driving Driving Lessons Actualisation

Lessons are normally conducted from your place of residence, school, or work. They may last a minimum of 90 minutes, but may start with 120. Each Driving instructor will advice you of his/her avalability and duration to meet working operations.

Each time you meet, you will record the time spent, and know exactly how many of the 8 driving lessons is left to use. But remember, there is two to three hours reserved for the day of the driving test. This is not negotiable.

What’s the Catch?

Honestly, no catch. We’ve already stated we will reserve 2-3 hours for the day of the driving test. So there’s no small print, or impulsion to buy more than you need. You will be adviced purely on your own individual learnr-driver needs.

Do note, that for us to run a low cost driving tuition campaign like this, we need to be able to manage it without running into debt ourselves. Instead, you will get access to honest, objective, and transparent advice on how to drive cars, mostly for the purpose of driving tests.

You will get eight hours for driving tuition and test at the end of your driver training adventure.

However, to ensure you are serious about improving your driving sklls, and not just looking for a cheap hop-around bargain, we must insist on keeping to the term stipulated. We do not want to make our driving instructors end up out of pocket.

Buyers Beware!

There’s more… You will use;

The same driving instructor to complete the 8 hour course.
90 to 120 minutes for each time we meet up to 5th or 6th hour.
The last 2 or 3 hours on the day of actual driving test.
The said 8 driving lessons are, naturally, subject to availability.
Paid-for lessons between Monday – Friday week days. Different rates apply for week ends.
Above all, these offers are subject to the driving instructr willing to offer the deal. Not all instructors will agree to give this discount.

If you still want further information, look at the frequently asked question page.

Fair Terms and Conditions

We need to be sure our instructors are compensated reasonably for their efforts to help you as you start learning how to drive.

Cheapest driving lessons in Leicester


The following needs to be noted…

Learner must have below 10 driving lesson experience.
Online deal; purchase must be online.
One deal per person.
Once started is not transferable.
Not be used in combination with other offers.
Lesson duration MUST be 2 hours, or one and half.
Last 2-3 hours is reserved for day of driving test.
Last 2-3 hours only valid with no more than 4 weeks break between lessons.
Gift Redemption Validity: Up to 5 months from date of purchase.

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Refunds: 8 Driving Lessons Online Deal

Refund is given where driving tuition is not started. But if you cancel late, you will be subject to late cancellation fee.

Basically, once we agree on a driving lesson time and date, if you need to cancel, change, or, re-schedule, you must give the us clear 2 days notice. If you do not give us 48 hours, you will forfeit the fee towards that driving lesson.

Intensive Driving Lessons

Have More Than 10 Driving Lessons Experience?

If you have been driving with or without a professional driving instructor in excess of 10 hours, it is not the end of the world. We have other options available.

Other Online Deals

Seventeen Year Old learner drivers can buy qualify this deal or Pack 17. The only criteria is that the learner driver is 17 years old.

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