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In Stock: 8 hours for £95 (TERMS APPLY)

Book driving lessons online at to get 8 driving lessons for £95.

Eight Hours driving tuition for £95.00.

Cheap driving lessons for under £12 per hour.

(Includes driving test hour, not the test fee).

Cheap Driving Lessons in Post codes LE1 - LE5 & LE18

8 Driving Lessons

8 Driving Lessons
In Stock: 8 driving lessons at £95.00 in Leicester for novice drivers.

Availavility: In Stock for online purchase.

Driving lessons are delivered in 2-hour blocks.

First 6 hours used before driving test day.

Last 2 hours used on the day of your driving test.


This is an online offer.

For novice drivers with maximum 10 hours driving experience.

Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.

17 year old learners, please consider Pack17 before purchase.

How Long Are Driving Lessons?

First Session: 2 Hours. Subsequent Sessions: 2 Hours

Cost of Driving lessons for durations purposes are traditionally charged in 60 minute blocks.

Driving Lessons Sessions, however, can be extended to as many hours of tuition you can handle.

How Many Driving Lessons Do You Need To Pass?

Typically, learner drivers may need 40-60 hours, on average, to learn driving.

Please look at the driving lessons prices page.

8 Driving Lessons Deal Savings

Areas Where In Stock: Leicester

Leicester City Post Codes

LE1, LE2, LE3, LE4, LE5, LE18

(LE7: Call 07806 193 453).

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£95.00 Full Price: £196.00

Terms & Conditions

One Purchase Per Learner

Max: 5 hours driving experience

Once started, not transferable.