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Becoming an ADI Instructor

Potential Diving Instructor You too can become a driving instructor. Top that, you can also work with us to deliver top quality driver training, upon qualifying to become an approved driving instructor.

Competitive Driving Instructor Franchise Feess

You can tune up a betther profit margin with a Jon Matthews Franchise

Qualified Driving Instructor Badge

There are two routes to becoming an approved driving instructor.

  • Green Badge Application
  • Pink Badge Application

Trainee ADI Badge Application

For this route, you are given a Pink Licence, (Trainee Licence) to teach novice drivers for proffit. Therer is a six-month trainee period, but this can be extended for mitigating factors.

Full ADI Badge Application

This is where you wait to become fully qialified, with all three ADI qualifying tests passed before you start training learner drivers for reward.

Driving Instructor Earning Potential

You need business minded if you think of becoming a driving instructor.

Once you start thinking how to maximise resources to improve your profit margin, then yes, you can dramatically increase your earning potentaial as an instructor. It's all about the bottom-line.

How You Can Work With Jon Matthews Driving School

Become Instructor. How you can work with us

Do you dream of becoming an ADI? .

Become An Approved Instructor

To become a qualified instructor and work with a Jon Matthews Franchise offering a worthwhile profit, & freedom to choose your working hours.