How Much Are Driving Lessons In Leicester?


Would-be learner drivers are wont to know how much driving lessons cost.

So, obviously, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Be that as it may, not much thought is given to what it takes to have a professioinal driving instructor sat next to a novice; and most often very nervous learner-driver.

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Who Can Teach Driving?

Appropriate Instructors Must ...

  1. be 21 years old.
  2. be qualified to teach in the learner's vehicle.
  3. have full EU, (now UK post Brexit) licence 3 years.

Can My Parents Teach Me To Drive?

Simly put: Yes!

Even your friends and neighbours can teach learner drivers so long as they meet all three criteria above.

BUT... They cannot charge, or earn a reward from the tuition.

Only Qualified & Approved Driving Instructors are allowed to charge a fee for teaching learner drivers to drive.

ADI Pay Range

What Should ADIs Earn?

A simple, but decent response to this question should be ...


A good wage should reflect the training and experience any worker, or enterprenuer has.

Let's not forget driving instructors have to undergo rigorous training. They also need to be upstanding members of the community.

Let's face it; we entrust our 17-year old, (sometimes they are 16), children into the car of an instructor.

They almost always are teaching on a one-to-one basis, unsupervised. Instructors rarely teach in groups.

Instructors guide the learner driver in and out of several emotive situations.

They are self employed, running their own business. So they are admninistrators, schedulers, educators, mentors, counsellors, and much more.

This platitute of servivces surely deserves a decent wage to make it worth the instructor's while.

Oh, and by the way, this is, quite often, their one and only job!

Making the minimum standard pay should be somewhere between £19 to £25 per hour as a minimum; wouldn't you agree?

So adding the other costs involved, (and those costs do add up), driving instructors asking for £40 per hour are not really asking to much.

Driving INstructors Near Where You Live

Think about your rent. Think also of the cost of fuel, heating, and all the numerous financial strains that beguile every tax-paying indivudual.

Do not forget the investment in a car required to teach learner drivers.

cheap driving lessons

Discounted Driving Lessons are Everywhere!

You may have seen BOGOF deals, half-price offers, packaged deals, NHS discounts, Students Rates.

So yes, it's a competitive environment for driving instructors. Some even have to pay franchise fees.

If a driving instructor is not able to make ends meet, he/she is more likely to struggle teaching with a happy heart.

The only way driving instructors can deliver a veritable tuition programme is when he/she is on a living wage for the experience they bring to the table.

So, don't rely on discounts. Discounts are marketing gimmicks designed by big brand driving schools, to get you to notice them.

All ADIs are self employed. All ADIs, be they working for a one-person driving school, or a national brand, are doing the exact same job.

An instructor in a big brand school will teach exactly the same curricullum any one-person-band will offer.

Disagreements with Driving Instructors

I often receive calls asking me to step in and continue where other instructors are no longer required.

Now, while I do want their new business, I am often aware that the overall interest I have to serve is getting the learner driver to understand the basics of driving a car.

So I nornmally say, go back to your previous instructor. All good instructors speak the same language. Unfortunately, learner drivers moer often hear what's in their head, if they think their ADI does not like them.

My driving instructor hates me!

This is not true!

ADIs love their learner drivers! No pupil translates to zero income at the end of the day.

Problems `may arise when an instructor begins to feel the student is unwilling to learn.

Sometimes, learner drivers plateau in skills development, or start to loose interest when they have specific dificulties.

They have one person to lash out on, and that's the ADI. That's often when the complaints begin.

Lateness to arrive for lessons, late cancellations, arriving with the smell of cigarette or other strong smells can often place an ADI at odds with the delivery of a lessons.

Quibbling over price, (or time), asking to be dropped off at a differnt location without prior notice can easily make novice-drivers' feel their needs, or requests, are being ignored; and make any instructor feel put out.

Pupils doing-their-own-thing or not cating up with suggested private learning and research means the instructor has to work twice as hard, just to deliver what should be an easy task.

Your instructor just wants to teach you as soon as possible, with the least amount of disruption, interuption, and a healthy rapport.

Rapport is vital, one should add! An unresponsive learner driver is a hazard onto their own personal growth.

Nobody likes this. ADI's should not be expected to accept that.

Some foward looking instructors charge late cancellation fees.

If your driving instructor does not make you pay for a lesson you cancell late, then maybe he/she is not that good. A good driving instructor knows his/her worth, so will charge you for not showing up.

That said, ADIs who often show up late, or not at all are unprofessional. There is a competitive market out there. Look for another instructor, but explain why you are switching.

Allow For Traffic Depending on where you live, and where your instructor's last lesson ended may affect your instructor's arrival time. Rush hours are particularly stressful for driving instructors. Calling them five times within 5 minutes of a lesson starting is not safe.

Everytime you agree on a time with an instructor, it it binding; even if you cancel late.

Think of the income he/she might have earned if that slot was allocated to someone else who was desperate to have a lesson.

Instructors want to ensure learners can answer question promply without beating about the bush, and while on the go.

Learning On The Go!

Depending on your confidence and learner-driver experience, instructors would need to teach while you are driving fast.

Imagine driving at 70 MPH on a dual carriageway, (or Motorway), but when asked a question, the instructor is rewared with a tight-lipped learner driver.

This can be stressful for both parties involved.

Hidden Costs of Driving Schools

Technicall speaking, there are none. The ADI can offset expenses as tax deductable. However, if the learner driver is wreckless and often pulls up hard onto a kerb, that would result in time wastage, tyre replacements, and wheel alignment.

However, the ADI who is repeatedly unable to stop the novice driver from hitting the kerb ought to consider another career choice.

where can i learn driving?

In a Suitable car

Now for some, this may seem obvious. However, to learn to fly a plane, would-be pilots MUST first use simulators.

Not so with driving! You must learn how to drive, actually sat inside a car, while on the road. This has a cost element to it.

The car MUST be ROAD Worthy!

What does Road Worthy mean?

This means the vehicle should have a valid MOT certificate, if the car is older than three (3) years.

There must be valid MOT,

Vehicle should have valid and up-to-date- Vehicle Excise Duty, VED for short. Or Road Tax, in plain speak.

Location Matters

The real cost of driving, in general, does depend on where one lives in the country; or world for that matter.

Both learner-driver, and instructor, must have adequate minimum insurance cover.

People in remote locations often find there is a dearth of qualified driving instructors near them As a result, demand outstrips supply. Naturally, prices would be higher.

On the other hand, where ther is a glut of driving instructors serving a smaller pool of learner drivers, prices can quickly take a nose-dive.

Car Insurance

It is illegal to drive withour car insurance!

NOTE! You may be liable to unlimited fine if convicted of driving without at least 3rd party insurance.

NOTE! You could be disqualified from driving, if you have no insurance cover, even in your own car.

So as you can see, insurance is not option. Car insurance is a must, even for lerner drivers!

Meanwhile, the average cost of insurance for newly qualified drivers in the UK is approximately £2,000.00

This figure was true as of 2019 for third party cover. Comprehensive cover was considerably higher.

Some newly qualified drivers have had to pay in exceess of 2,500 for car insurance.

Insurance seems to be very exhorbitantly priced in The United Kingdom, when compared to mainland European costs.

Tolled roads, lack of parking, and so on, do pile on the costs. You need to factor in all these little add-ons to appreciate why an instructor charges so much.

One would expect life to be straight foward with how much driving lessons should be.

Prices for driving lessons are pretty upfront, with hardly any hidden costs. Some driving schools, or instructors offer discounts.

Some of the said discounts come with restrictions, caveats, or conditions. It is to be expected. There well and truly is no such thing as a free lunch.

Have you gone to buy a new car recently? Did you notice one of the first questions they ask you is What's your budget?, or How much do you want to spend?

Car Costs

The instructor;s tuition vehicle is by far the most expensive item the driving instructor will use to teach learner drivers. No car, means no driving lesson.

Driving lessons happen on live active roads. Yes, some might argue, or suggest a simulator. Unfortunately, this technology is not open to the public. At least, not in The UK.

Car dealers want potential customers that the car is actually what's on offer. In reality, there is a more sinister plot afoot.

One main way car dealers make money, or increased profit, is not in selling you a car. Far be that from the truth. Car dealers wan to seel you finance.

Finance means credit. Credit means interest rates. Interest rates means profit. And guess who needs the said car? The driving instructor!

Howerver, there are some fixed & recurring costs that professionsal driving instructors must invest into teaching learner drivers in the United Kingdom.

Here are some of those costs...


There is a lot more that can be said for how much a driving instructor should charge for driving tuition. Be that as it may, in reality, ADIs are currently charging approximately half what they deserve.

In leicester, and Leicestershire, driving lessons prices are mostly tagged in response to the boisterous competition betweem big brand driving schools who chaerge expensive franchise fees, and very nearly crippling car hire fees.

So if your driving instructor tells you the cost of driving lessons are somewhere between £30 to £40 per hour, don't be alarmed.

So go ahead!

This is hoping you have had a good insight into driving lessons prices, and be happy and willing to pay the prices you see on this page.

Hopefully, you would also give them a tip for a job well done!

Paying For Driving Lessons

Standard Rate for Driving Lesson

1.5 hours: (1.5 * £30) = £45.00

2 hours: (2 * £30) = £70.00

Our current rate for driving lessons is only thirty pounds, per hour.

Emercency Course Payment

If you have a late driving test cancellation before booking a driving course with us, it does get a little more expensive.

All driving instructors prefer you talk to them before booking/confirming a driving test you cannot cancel.

Howerver, sometimes, it does happen and we do not penalise you for this; just charge a little bit more.

Pay £35 Per Hour

Two Hours is (2 * £35 ) = £70 + £20.00 test hour premium: £90