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Emergency Driving Test Car Hire

Are you looking for a car hire for driving test?

Is your instructor suddenly no longer available to help you?

Has your driving instructor let you down?

We do emergency driving test car hire.

Driving Test Cancellation

Driving test car hire is subject to instructor availability.

The driving instructor is not bound to take you for your test if he/she finds you're unsafe to drive.

If you contact us when you can no longer change your driving test without a cancellation fee, we may charge £25-£30 per hour.

You may lose your driving test fee if our instructor informs you he/she cannot help any further, even on test day.


what will i get to hire car for driving test

Dual Control Fitted Car

Fully insured car for driving test purposes

Final driving test tips on test day

Opportunity for 2nd person in car on test

Emergency Test Price Per Hour

£25 weekdays / £30 weekends

Minimum booking 2 hours

Weekend Driving Lessons

Must have 2 hours, at least

Weekend Rate: £25.00/ ph

weekend driving course

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