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Driving lessons in Oadby, Leicester

All driving instructor have geographical areas they will teach in. Some have preferred driving test centres. A driving instructor in Loughborough, for example may choose to teach you in preparation for a test in Melton Mowbray. Others might not.

Driving Lessons Leicester

Jon Matthews Driving School has one of the cheapest driving lessons in the Leicester area.

Home to Leicester Tigers & Leicester City Football Clubs, it is the largest town in Leicestershire.

With her own Unitary Authority, Leicester is also home to University of Leicester, and De Montford University.

Driving Instructors Loughborough

With a population of nearly 60,000 (2012 figures), Loughborough is the largest settlement in Leicestershire, besides Leicester. It is also home to Loughborough University, ranking 9th of all UK Universities in 2004. It was also a training ground for the 2012 London Olympics.

Located just 12 minutes from Birstall, Loughborough Driving Test Centre can be a veritable alternative for driving test candidates living in the Leicester North.

Your driving lessons in Loughborough may take you through the popular University Student neighbourhoods of Epinal Way, Forest Road, and Park Road. You will also learn to navigate through the heart of Loughborough Town Centre, just avoiding the pedestrianised areas of town, the dual carriageways past the courts, as well as other smaller towns of Quorn, Sileby, Barrow, & Coates.

You get country roads, fast traffic on the A6, but avoid the M1 on the other side where Shepshed, & Coalville are just a stone throw away.

Driving Crash Courses Near You

All the fast track driving courses near you. Just givve us a call to find your nearest driving instructor.

Don't forget, we offer driving crash course in Birmingham

Remember also, we do one week driving courses

When Can I Start Driving Lessons

You can start learning to drive anytime you prefer. Most of our driving instructors teach Mon-Fri, but will also work on weekends, albeit, for a higher hourly rate.

Weekend driving lessons is most suitable for novive drivers that cannot have week day driving classes.

Driving School Reviews

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Jon Matthews Driving School Leiester

Jon Matthews is dynamic driving school with a working operations based in Leicester.

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